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bash is the new dos

NATO High Commander Issues Illegitimate Order to Kill

Inside Programmable Road Signs

Hackers Crack Into Texas Road Sign, Warn of Zombies Ahead

seti: "In the meantime, if you're driving in Austin, you can rest assured: There are no zombies ahead." MORE FOX NEWS LIES, I TELL YOU




Why Afghanistan? (Accessing 11 to 12 TRILLION dollars in Caspian Sea Basin Oil and Gas )

mississippi: Investment Banker Karl Schwartz lays it out
mississippi: why not afghanistan?
mississippi: Afghanistan: defined more as an area on the map absent of other countries, rather than as a unified country in it's own right
mississippi: see the man who would be king if you don't want to read
mississippi: "casualty" isn't that a great word. so casual. double speak, weasel words didn't start recently.
mississippi: dead people. killeded. fux0red. raped tortured beaten and eaten in some wars. not casual.
seti: actually, casualty is dead or wounded.
mississippi: yeah, but it's not like, a nice pair of green slacks. it's not even brown cords.
mississippi: someone remind me, when was 2001? was that like years and years and years ago? and was this 'war' shit only going to take a few weeks back then? wtf? what suckas you are, go to work, drive your friggin SUV. we've got people to mass murder in far off lands, we need your SUV driven 200 miles this week to some place where you do mundane shit-licker crotch grabbing and drop your kids at the academy where they can learn how to kill.
mississippi: for god's sake don't strike. don't question. merely OBEY.
mississippi: and drive like the tanzanian devil himself was under your lid.

CONFidence 2009, in May in Krakow, Poland



seti: via
mississippi: i want pictures
mississippi: because .. fuck .. i don't believe that fucked up crazy halfwitted shit
mississippi: god gave us arseholes so we don't have to have babies .... why did god give us condoms ... the DEVIL gave us condoms! ... oic

US unemployment rate, or how to lie with statistics

In other news, Australia "most backward country on earth" according to recent poll

mississippi: oh i lied, but what the heck
mississippi: but we're getting better

How we killed wikipedia

Aussie convicted serial killer attempts to post own finger to court in protest ... or something

mississippi: I've never really had my own opinion much on this guys guilt .. the court said he's guilty, and they seemed pretty sure ... it's not really clear to me how mailing your own finger to a magistrate is going to clear up matters as a way of saying "really i didn't kill all those people" ... but there you go

PETA's Banned Super Bowl Ad

Spoiler alert: Stig identity revealed

mississippi: is he ... stig?
Ash: whooooo carrreeeeesssssss

Magnetic (levitation) bearing PC fan

mississippi: bearing life as a function of running temperature ... there's a graph of this somewhere on sunon's site too, which is more impressive
mississippi: or mayber that was on NMB's site .. i think it may be the same company
mississippi: note the same steep drop-off curve applies to all contact bearings, ie your hard disk bearing etc ...

How to avoid the heat in Melbourne

kandinski: How to avoid the heat in Melbourne


mississippi: via http://www.wunderground.com/global/Region/AU/pxTemperature.html
mississippi: No! Keep driving your SUV to work! Really, it's ok.
mississippi: ac will deal with this.
mississippi: fire weather warning Oh! I thought it said FINE weather warning!
mississippi: your turn comes in 6 months, northern hemisphere. oh what's that? your weather already sucks? too bad.
mississippi: maybe we shouldn't have cut down all the fucking trees (and continue to do so where we didn't yet)
mississippi: yeah, it was mostly desert already ... why not colour in the spaces red too, huh. may as well. :\
mississippi: yes, keep driving that SUV and keep leaving your computer switched on and using it for mindless things that could easily be done by hand (game of solitaire anyone?)
mississippi: (my calculation based on those two pages) 1,760 CO2 emitted by your PC over a year equates to driving a SUV 3911km ... YEAH BABY! KEEP ON DRIVING YEE-HA!
mississippi: Wake me when the looting starts.
anomie: me too I need some new hitops
mississippi: remember that you possibly have ac to keep your pc running at optimum efficiency (TM) which has to draw an additional 2x as much power as your pc does in order to expel that heat from your room.
mississippi: but doesn't it make a great excuse to keep the sweat off your back ;-)
mississippi: don't forget to wake me, huh?
mississippi: realtime graph of melbourne temperature

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