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Flat Stomach Rule (obey)

ROFLThing: What do you hate about the internet?

Virgin: the world's best passenger complaint letter?

Of course...

Iceland's Government Collapses

globalSAN iSCSI initiator for Mac OS X (free download)

hardware hacker girl with too much space, and high speed internetz, looking for a flatmate in Berlin

mississippi: Mann oder Frau zwischen 19 und 60 Jahren


mississippi: incidentally, nice choice

Tshirt = We give up and leave us alone

mississippi: highly innappropriate, and very, very morally wrong
Zerodhero: and that is what makes them great... a good laugh never hurt anyone
mississippi: who else thinks it's just a marketing stunt?
pretender: If it is, it's working. The server is totally overloaded

On 1968 :: Noam Chomsky

As from tomorrow it will be illegal for anyone in England and Wales to possess an "extreme" pornographic image

anomie: burn your stash of Hustler
mississippi: burn your hash of sluts, sir?

UK reclassifies marijuana as a class B drug.

anomie: That means instead of a stern talking to, you get a fine.
jillzilla: ...for a second offense



seti: From

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