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Awesomely named street in Yorkshire.

Coupled Ocean / Atmosphere Mesoscale Prediction System


can you imagine the fire these would produce if shorted out?



mississippi: no, no! that's dangerous!
mississippi: me next. my turn next.


Wrightspeed X1

coderman: <@qoreQ> yeah but the ER3 is 4 minutes slower than a camero :(

Pikes Peak International Hill Climb - ER3 Li-Ion Race Car

coderman: "Since the ER3 is nearly silent, the crew put a sound system on the car to produce an engine-like noise to make sure that spectators lining the course would be aware that the ER3 was coming down the track."

NSA whistleblower confirms what we already knew: the Bush administration's communications surveillance dragnet specifically targeted journalists

mississippi: FU NSA
coderman: was there really any doubt once it was determined they were tapping all the major peering backbones?

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