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if dopp ruled the world, it would make more sense


I dare you to take this clock onto an airplane

Real life imitates the Onion

rik: New rule. If something your group does has been reported as humour in The Onion before, then we get to point, laugh and then utterly ignore you.


mississippi: repost
mississippi: this image will be reposted from now on
coderman: pass what on?
mississippi: umm .. did you press 'send'?
coderman: shit, did that fax wrong? try 9600 baud no parity one stop bit.

Facebook has Whopper of a problem with Burger King campaign - BK halts Whopper Sacrifice campaign after 60,000 users delete friends for free burgers

coderman: ""Basically, the Facebook team felt the application went against what they stand for -- connecting people," said the spokesperson.
coderman: i want to see facebook retaliate with slanderous buger ads with cockroaches and the implication that the king really wants to give you aids, not a sandwhich.
Mutiny: Facebook fucking canceled it? BurgerKing would have to give away 60,000 fucking burgers and Facebook is worried about a few bogus fucking friend links? If anything they should be happy that BK is willing to drop 5 figs atleast to help them drop some bogus connections.
mississippi: you forgot. whinging gets them into the press.
mississippi: those prime time ads would cost WAAAY more than $60k


mississippi: welcome to #INTP :)



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