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Year over year change in retail sales graph for USA

jillzilla: Year over year change in retail sales graph for USA
jillzilla: Oops, fell off a cliff there.
mississippi: make your peace with god, the helicopters won't be here in time. ur a goner.
coderman: my, aren't these withdrawl symptoms going to be fun...
coderman: America, the biggest credit crack baby on the financial stage has just gone cold turkey!


mississippi: "An experienced tracker can read the ground like a storybook. If the tracks are those of a mammal, he can probably tell you, from the size and 'weight' or depth of the tracks, its gender and approximate age. If the animal is a female, he will know by the spacing of the hind legs whether or not it is 'parapu' (carrying young). He will usually be able to tell you the species of a lizard and not only which way a snake is travellin
mississippi: ...which way a snake is travelling, and its size, but how fast it is moving and whether it is harmless or venomous."
mississippi: "people walking together in the bush do so in single file" ... as well as reasons given in the text for this, an important reason is that snakes fleeing the noise of the first person are unlikely to encounter people who are following ... not the case if people walk abreast
mississippi: why this last point is important


mississippi: Fucking mad site .. over 100 years of Australian newspapers, text search and scanned images


I can't understand why nobody wants to live here...



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