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Dining with Dubya

Wanted: Paradise island 'caretaker'

Toronto: A Breezier Way to Ride the Rocket

seti: Also.


mississippi: the video on this page is pretty interesting wrt scientology .. then ends with a thankyou to team israel, aka mossad .. lol wtf
mississippi: anyway .. points out that scientology seems to use hypnotism, and also that practice of hypnotism in israel without a license is illegal .. it would be interesting to know how they define that in a legally meaningful way
mississippi: and what laws are in other countries wrt practice of hypnotism ... since it seems to me to be one of those matter-of-degree/intent things ... is good art hypnotism? is a good conversationalist a hypnotist?
mississippi: what does the law say about people who use hypnotic techniques ignorantly, as part of their general communication? or is there some way to distinguish between those?
mississippi: and what of the claims of hypotists etc that people won't do something under hypnotism they wouldn't otherwise do .. if so, what use is it? and what possible harm?
mississippi: and if "anonymous" is a group of anonymous people, then how do people get about making statements about their intent and behaviour?
mississippi: they can't make statements about intent and group behaviour themselves if they do not know each other by some form of concrete id
mississippi: which one of these secretive organisations is different to the others?
mississippi: oh and the thankyou to mossad at the end of the anti-scientology vid is against a logo that seems to be associated with anonymous, the headless suit...
mississippi: if we assume that a large number of anti-scientologists, were once scientologists, then perhaps anonymous utilise a lot of techniques learned in scientology ... even assuming they are all of honest intent and not infiltrated
mississippi: if anonymous prime concern is with free speech, how is it that it has become such a one-issue mouthpiece without loud criticism? ie they seem to be just an anti-scientology movement now?
mississippi: my refs for info re anonymous comes from the same site, btw
mississippi: a movement without credibility or identity is simply art since it can have no credible agenda
mississippi: does this mean mossad and scientology are also simply art?
mississippi: cult_ure ... the words are related
mississippi: http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=culture
mississippi: both simply mean to me growth or persistence together as a group with an outcome of similar behaviour among individuals, perhaps group ogranisational structure, with differing degrees of indoctrination giving relative seperation between the two meanings
mississippi: for an opposition to scientology to be meaningful, it needs to be credible, it needs identities ... but the opposition is primarily imho on the grounds that scientology keeps its members silent and passive or complicit by obtaining their darkest secrets ... this is pretty crippling to opposition, but also is behaviour that we should have laws against ... some people call it blackmail
mississippi: the lack of mention of cia, kgb, mi5 on these pages makes me instantly suspicious that those are the real anonymous, scientoology and mossad ... how about you?
mississippi: not to mention walmart and google, conspicuously absent, imho
mississippi: <anonymous> well it wasn't me
mississippi: personally, i'm always afraid to turn up at these things in case it's all an attempt to uncover my secret identity

Feds try to claim touch tone content within a call is equivalent to signalling pen register metadata.

coderman: ... AND FAIL!
coderman: more fun bits include "GPS and/or tower triangulation of cell phone user location is equivalent to pen register data like phone #"!

Skyhooks -- Women in Uniform

"right-wing extremists" attempt to "harass the media into what they would call 'objectivity'."

mississippi: the thing which caught my interest when I received a chain spam originated by the site mentioned, is that it includes what is super-obviously a unique id number, for tracing the social network of referrals ... ie, of the form http://www.<sitename>.com/a/friendReferralTracker.asp?id=X where X is some number
mississippi: now, that is so obvious it beggars the question, is it meant to be that obvious? is the real purpose something deeper even again? does it promote more referrals, eg by people like me warning people DON'T GO THERE, BAD PEOPLE IN THERE?
mississippi: ie, usually they hide the purpose behind some dummy variable name, not FRIENDREFERREALTRACKER .. i guess they just didn't read the config file of their spy-web-server or something
mississippi: or maybe i'm being paranoid .. maybe they are simply being honest about the fact they are watching the referals ... after all we should probably always assume that is happening
mississippi: oh no now i'm being paranoid again but in a different way. doh!
mississippi: oh, who knows .. maybe X refers to the media file being given out ... it's just a funny variable name to use

CodeCon 2009 - CFP


cryptomail: Need some theater troops
cryptomail: Flash mobs doing odd things for the cams
cryptomail: I suggest everyone walk around and do the pigeon
coderman: I mind this a lot less when they let the people watch too. it's the imbalance of power when they're the keepers using for their own ends with little oversight

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