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take a walk through Duhville for the love of FUCKTARDRY || "Google's new favicon looks like a stain Toucan Sam would leave in a gym sock" -- Mike Monteiro on his twitter feed

Starting Forth

kandinski: And so on and so forth


seti: or even http://userstyles.org/styles/7688

a list of Bush's accomplishments

anomie: Don't blame me I voted for the other guy. Twice.

Which moments from the last eight years does Bush revisit most often?

seti: Spoiler alert: The answer may surprise even the most cynical person.

BBC: Israelis 'edge into urban Gaza'

digby hits it out of the park again.

MI5 chief concerned over web phone calls

coderman: did i mention impossible to tap?
seti: not impossible at all, given lack of crypto actually very easy
seti: ethereal/wireshark has a plugin to dump SIP streams as WAV files
coderman: sssh. deep packet inspection does not exist. packet re-assembly is also voodoo
seti: packet reassembly of what? there's no fragmentation of VoIP packets.
coderman: sounds like they need to buy the services of these guys...

Obama: We Are Going To Close Gitmo

coderman: "But Says No Decision Has Been Made On Prosecuting Bush Admin. Personnel Accused Of Torture Or Of Authorizing Torture"
coderman: "In related news, President Bush has prepared a new stack of emergency pardons for members of his own and Vice President Dick Cheney's staff. Additional pardons are rumored to be penned for various Department of Justice and Military Officers who were patsies for the criminal processes employed by the administration."

Israel denies banned weapons use - no white phosphorus used in bombings

coderman: "But even if it was used, where is the international outrage over the United States 'Shake N Bake' tactics in Iraq?", Minister Jacob Edery added.
seti: it is out there, just being politely ignored by the media.

A Cold Day in Hell


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