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take a walk through Duhville

A snowy Madrid is a rare sight


mississippi: yes. they have one.
mississippi: but what you're asking yourself is, is this guy on there?
mississippi: well no. but that doesn't mean he's not gay. then again, it doesn't mean he is, either
mississippi: and before you ask, yes, there is a relationship between Making love out of nothing at all and Total eclipse of the heart
mississippi: and, remember, wikipedia is ALWAYS WRONG :)

Tor Vidalia Updater Bundle

coderman: help coder test and fix these win32 packages :)


Privacy International 2007 International Privacy Ranking map of the world

mississippi: countries may not have a right to privacy in their constitution/bill of rights, but if they're on the UN (and who isn't?) they signed up to this: article 12 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights

If we only use 10% of our brains .... who's using the other 90%?

Cheney: Obama Should Think Twice About Changing Terror Policies

coderman: "[Cheney] told Knoller that before Obama takes any action against the Terrorist Surveillance Program or prisoner interrogation methods, he needs to "find out precisely what it is we did and how we did it."
coderman: "I say this because I have taken exceptional measures, as espoused in the proper constitutional powers granted a unitary executive in time of war, to hide these records.", Cheney added. "Frankly, if any documents even remotely related to either interrogation or surveillance techniques developed by this administration are uncovered it will be due to gross incompetence of my personal staff manning the document shredders and di
coderman: "And absent any proof to the contrary, you must all concede that we acted in good faith and reaped justified rewards from these illegal programs. Thank you!"
Mutiny: "Cheney added 'Good luck finding out what we did or how, shit we don't even know."
Mutiny: Cheney then proceded to eat a baby fetus.

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