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jmbr: The Fundamental Matrix Song


mississippi: from annotation A on the graph at 1yr window size: "Companies with goods to transport use letters of credit, with the goods themselves as collateral, to pay for the shipping - but with the credit crisis this credit became unavailable and shipping demand tanked."
mississippi: BY 90%
mississippi: since May
mississippi: to me, that explanation of goods used to secure credit says that in fact the credit crisis may be not the only factor ... what happens to the credit when the goods are threatened by unusually heavy pirate activity, as in 2008?
mississippi: perhaps someone might rethink the idea of giving credit for shipping goods with the goods themselves being the security for the credit ... ?
mississippi: otherwise, I've got a bunch of diamonds i want to ship somewhere ....
mississippi: just need the cash
mississippi: <somali pirate> what was that you said about the blue-water theory being outdated and irrelevant? (so much so that the phrase doesn't even appear in wikipedia ho ho ho arrrr me hearty jim lad!)
mississippi: oh dear i must be having another one of my nutty conspiracy theories .. gtg doctors are coming
mississippi: we all know there are no nutty conspiracies, right lads :D
mississippi: piracy maps
mississippi: monthly number of incidents ... pls pipe into graphviz kthxby
mississippi: honestly, i don't see much variation year to year ... i doubt piracy explains the shipping slump :( oh well, another good cons-piracy theory out the window :(((
mississippi: but maybe the location ... somali attacks close the suez cannal ... more detail needed
mississippi: some more detail and analysis here

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