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FRANK CHU STARTED THE OAKLAND RIOTS->His sign reads "Weaves, relaxation, and corn rows services are a clinton conspiracy" BART POLICE IS 12 GALAXIES


The Recently Deflowered Girl

Stewart Lee relates his tale of Scottish self-discovery to a Glasgow audience

kandinski: Best buildup and best delivery ever

The Recently Deflowered Girl

kandinski: You can trust on Edward Gorey for tips on etiquette, especially about having recently been deflowered
mississippi: _"This post as far more amazing than any cheesy dance movie."_

Larry Flynt is asking for a bailout

mississippi: maybe there's some sexual slang being misused or something here? is a bailout some kind of crazy sex act?

I can build you a better one out of chewing gum and tinfoil

kandinski: Or at least one just as good
kandinski: Will geometrize your water the same
Mutiny: lolservernotfound


Mutiny: The best byline I've seen so far for this is "The porn industry is taken a shot in the face during the current economic situation"
mississippi: "More people need to donate their brains to medical research"
mississippi: situation "dire ... drastically awful."
mississippi: "... set up a brain bank in Scotland to collect normal 'control' brains..." rofl
mississippi: I'm scottish, so I'm allowed to say that.

Lexus implementing system to send 'targeted' messages to owners

jillzilla: "use your turn signals, for crying out loud"
Mutiny: I've always wanted to put a scrolling LED sign in the rear window of my car. Then I realized I'd be shot within 6 months if I did that.

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