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Nate Silver rips the WSJ a new one

DJ Vela of Dangerous Drums

Real Advice Hurts

mississippi: "In my opinion, the problems with tip culture on the web are many, not least the evidence that most of the page-view-obsessed poopers of online tips seem to have zero real interest in solving any problem beyond their own need to generate repeat traffic from dazed information tourists."
seti: railing against a small subset of the more and more quick-fix-oriented western lifestyle.


Google Android silently phones home

Scott Baio?s 45? and Single?

mississippi: yah, chachi

A President Forgotten but Not Gone

jillzilla: seti, you will enjoy this
seti: This reads like Hunter S. Thompson's eulogy of Nixon. It is awesome.
mississippi: viz
mississippi: hey man, nice shot
mississippi: warning: "one-third of [Americans] want [Bush] to play a post-presidency role in public life" ...
mississippi: reading about this guy is reminding me of kim jong il the illmatic's blog ...
mississippi: Bush basically "a repudiation of Republicans," to twist his own words back somewhere in the direction of reality
seti: yawn silly "conservatism didn't fail the nation, bush failed conservatism" flawed meme.
seti: (aka fuck conservatism, that failed ideology, with a rake. it is time to bury that before the stench of decay becomes too overwhelming. it has already done in most of the world.)

MO' OM!!!

US Air Force's Rules of Engagement for Blogging

Twitter gets hacked, badly

seti: Apparently not checking the email address of what account you're replacing with your own. And using it as a primary key.

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