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last updated at 2009-01-05 23:32

Microsoft planning big layoffs for January?

coderman: didn't they just say this last week about Intel too?

"Max just likes to hack."

coderman: just in time for the new statute that values each of those one million card numbers as a $500 minimum damage.
seti: that so smells of a combination of Hackers and Mission: Impossible

Twitter user fail

More nails in the PKI coffin

Guy Tries To Pay $1.50 In Missed Sales Tax, Gets Threatened With Fines, Criminal Charges

anomie: The moral of the story is, just don't talk to gubmint. It will probably go badly for you.

How NORAD Tracks Santa

BART police officer videod standing over a prisoner, cuffed on ground squirming in discomfort, shoot him.

anomie: gunshot is at 3:04
anomie: Watch the video. There's no way this is justified. This is cold blooded murder.
cryptomail: Cops were scared. Bad training, bad actions, bad bad bad. Oh well.
anomie: Cops scared in this abnormal yet not overly so situation should not be cops. They should have been weeded out in prescreening.
cryptomail: Agreed
cryptomail: But they needed the 60K + benefits + overtime + pension so they faked it
cryptomail: Verdict? Taxpayers will pay on this one.

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