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Shouting in the Datacenter

rik: It turns out that disks in a JBOD are sensitive to vibration.
rik: Quick proof of concept by some guys at Sun... by shouting at them.
mississippi: JBOD BSOD SOB

New Apple Product. . .

pretender: A glove with a hole to stick your finger out?
anomie: A fully released body to go with that silhouette they released years ago?




mississippi: "the first publication of dianetics in 'Astounding Science Fiction', Hubbard in explaining how he did his 'research' into what the mind was doing, says..."
mississippi: anything he said therefore being ... well .. fiction.
mississippi: QED.
mississippi: NEXT!
mississippi: "Well, that about wraps it up for" Scientology...

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