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welcome to planet facestab, home of recreational botox

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman posts a lolcat in his blog.

seti: Nobel, blog, lolcat. boggle
anomie: im in ur piktur album captioning all ur lolcatz

Google native code client for x86 PCs.

rik: Now you can run x86 code in a plugin your browser.
seti: didn't Microsoft already try this with ActiveX
coderman: the list of sandboxes and virtual machines claimed to be impervious to attack correlates directly with the list of sandboxes and virtual machines that got hacked or side channeled or escalated in some fashion... :P
coderman: however, i am optimistic this may useful. but only x86.. boo

Feds: Blago Put 'For Sale' Sign on Obama's Senate Seat

I will be doing this in the audience of DefCon talks this year

seti: you could pair your remote, of course...
Mutiny: i'm not the one that's going to be doing the pairing
seti: with apologies to R. A. Wilson: you know those could be paired, of course...



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