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First anniversary of #facestab: one stabarrific year!

How to install centos on an eeepc using only a usb stick.

Pastor's Advice for Better Marriage: More Sex


google search rank copared to social indicators

anomie: people in dense cities, the unemployed, and the obese search for crack.
anomie: People in D.C. don't? Oh because they already have it ....

Bug Finder

Fixing Problems with Synergy on Windows Vista

coderman: "just run Synergy in administrator mode" - why not? wheee!! also, minefield is faster when run as administrator.


Now Afghanistan wants us out too.

How 315 Billion Dollars Look Like

anomie: (sic)


dopp: Deep-fry that!

Base Camp Alpha set up in Uncanny Valley.

rik: Robotics engineers at the University of Bristol, UK, have produced a robot head that mimics expressions from video, while playing back and syncing to the speech.
rik: Watch the embedded videos for demonstrations.

Video of extremely bright meteor in Canada on November 20

Thousands pick up free vegetables on Colorado farm

pretender: And to do that they arrive in 11,000 cars

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