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seti: Annoyingly enough, Dutch is usually considered stupid by this program

Major Source of Online Scams and Spams Knocked Offline

seti: spamgraph (limited lifetime of course) linked from the article's comments

Vegetable Oil and Homicide

coderman: repeat after me: CORRELATION IS NOT CAUSATION
coderman: "Interestingly, the mentioned book links excess omega-6 to increased homosexualisation in the womb."
coderman: however, the rest of this read is really interesting, regardless of the link to murder rates :)

One Man's View Of Carnage To Come To Silicon Valley

anomie: =This dude describes rackspace as a "software as a service" company. They're a managed colo. Also expects 10% layoffs at vmware, which just 2 months ago was desperately hiring >100 people here in SF.
seti: two months ago, DJI was 20% higher and companies could still get a credit line.
seti: then again, he also describes Microsoft as a Cisco competitor

Woman killed by dead husband

rik: A Brazilian woman has died after being struck by her husband's coffin, when the hearse they were travelling in was involved in a car crash.

The End of the Wall Street Era


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