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Harvard: 'Nothing Is Fucked, Dude'

seti: For the tl;dr impatient.


lemonodor: riot cops staging in my hood, photo taken from my driveway

Howard on internet porn crusade

seti: Sadly, not how you would like to interpret the article title.
Mutiny: "13/f/home alone" increases 20% in chat rooms.
seti: This is so ridiculous. Australia is well-known for its complete lack of telco regulation leading to exorbitantly high prices due to monopoly abuse by its incumbent telco operator, and what does the government do? clamp down on free speech and newsgathering. way to go, Aussies.
coderman: "He welcomed the Prime Minister's Netalert strategy, saying internet safety was an issue for his 12-year-old son. "I want to know that he is safe online -- there are so many games sites he plays at the moment and a lot of them have chatrooms. When someone sends him a link to 2girls1cup.com i want to know his request will be blocked."
coderman: "I mean, even now, I still can't eat chocolate soft serve at the local dairy. What kind of childhood is a childhood without chocolate ice cream??? OH THE HUMANITY!"
Mutiny: 4chan doomed.

What if the Matrix Ran on Windows?

The Seat of Power


Barack a Hot Name for New Babies

coderman: Don't they know the dangers of polluting a namespace!?!?
Mutiny: 80% of them will claim to be related to Obama when talking to swooning journalists/writers/anybody who cares about the obama "family."
coderman: relatedness is all relative. we've got some genes in common, comrade!
seti: shock, horror when the other side does the same.


coderman: one of the last great wars humanity has faced, forever altering the course of history!
coderman: i lost a great grandfather in this war. and also a testicle. THE HORROR!
seti: s/wikipedia/uncyclopedia/


coderman: love, captain obvious
coderman: "To illustrate these concepts, consider a 230 V AC mains supply used in many countries around the world. It is so called because its root mean square value is 230 V."
coderman: "For our 230 V AC, the peak voltage Vpeak is therefore \displaystyle 230 V \times\sqrt{2}, which is about 325 V."

One Velociraptor Per Child

60 Beautiful Examples Of Night Photography

seti: Some more HDR lovelies

Obama will move to veto Bush laws

Oliver: "President-elect to use special powers on stem cell and oil drilling policies"
Oliver: Woo..
seti: repeal, not veto
coderman: <Obama> And you thought Bush used unprecented executive order privileges; i'm going to to pass his record on day one undoing all that bullshit!
coderman: "Quick, the president has carpal tunnel! BEN GAY!! BEN GAYYYY!!!"
seti: actually Bush used unprecedented signing statement privileges, he actually signed slightly fewer executive orders than his predecessor on a year-by-year basis
coderman: A non-american highlights the ignorance of the US populance by firmly trouncing the misconceptions of a local area man in IRC. :(

Bumper sticker ideas on Digital Freethought


Dude jumps the whale.

rik: Literally. Kiteboard, with a camera on the kite set to take photos every 10 seconds. Has a photo showing him jumping the whale.
rik: Second later, it slaped him on the back of the head with its tail.
rik: You know the series is going downhill from here though.


coderman: [love Fawn]
coderman: also http://i38.tinypic.com/2lx8i7l.jpg
Ash: interesting that obama is a white guy...
Ash: probably has something to do with his muslim faith



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