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< lemonodor> if teledildonic facestabbing is wrong, i want to be wronger. So help me, gay baby.

Russian security company Elcomsoft claims a new method to crack WPA and WPA2 keys

seti: "The 100-fold increase in speed is achieved with two GeForce GTX280s per workstation"

The eyeballing game

WoW Whore Has 36 Accounts, Raids by Himself

Entertainment Weekly interviews Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert

The Rise of the Machines

The McCain Report!

McCain Greenscreen Challenge - Blue Suede Shoe Edition

Palin Booed Off The Ice In Philly

seti: Rick Perlstein (of Nixonland fame) thinks the choice for Philly may have been deliberate and that the McCain campaign was actively looking for an ugly incident

Bonetown trailer (NSFW)

McCain in 'hatred' war of words

Oliver: "In Minnesota on Friday, Mr McCain defended Mr Obama after some at the town hall meeting labelled him a "terrorist", "an Arab", a "traitor" and a candidate who inspired fear."
seti: Note that he started correcting his audiences only after getting heavily criticised in the media for his supporters' behaviour. Up until a few days ago he was happy to let things slide (and he started early).

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