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< lemonodor> if teledildonic facestabbing is wrong, i want to be wronger.


Author of critical Obama book arrested in Kenya

$800 billion worth of schadenfreude.

Mutiny_: "The market has gone from ?face palm? to ?face fist.?" is the best.

Happy Halloween

Divorce Cake - not for the squeamish

rik: For the divorced!
Mutiny_: All it needs is two lawyers fighting over who gets which piece and how big it is.

Electronic cigarettes

Oliver: Would you smoke something made in China with no idea whats really in there?

Finance crisis: in graphics

anomie: What is the difference between "nationalised" and "taken over" ?
seti: when Venezuela and Iran nationalised their national oil industries, they were profitable. when the US takes over a bank, it's to avoid the complete collapse of the international financial system.

The historical meaning of "maverick"

Against California's Prop 4 (requiring parental notification for abortions)

seti: that tv ad (by proponents) is disgusting

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