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2 candidates 1 cup - tomorrow!


lemonodor: "'I think you will see the pirates’ ransom demands continue to decline the closer the Russian frigate gets to Somalia,' said a senior State Department official."

Sarah Palin Can't Name a Newspaper She Reads

MI6 digital camera ends up on ebay

pretender: Contains fotos of rocket launchers, al-Qaeda cell structure and login details for secret MI6 networks

Hackers clone Elvis' passport.

rik: The Hacker's Choice, a non-commercial group of computer security experts, has released a video showing a cloned passport being approved by a security scanner at a Dutch airport. When the reader scans the passport it is revealed to belong to one Elvis Aaron Presley, complete with picture.
rik: Last year it was revealed that RFID chips only have a two year warranty, despite being issued in documents designed to last for ten years. The Government has nevertheless said that it is "very confident" that the chips will last for five times their warranty period
seti: this whole passport mess is such a failure. lying politicians and lying hardware vendors all around and a public that has no idea what the stakes are.

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