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pretender: Search for stuff which didn't exist back then. It's like being from the future in 2001.

Almost as many famous tranny programmers than actual real biological women

Mutiny: Compiled from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Famous_Programmers I'm not sure what they consider "famous" but ok.

Feingold Fights Search And Seizure Of Our Laptops

seti: But not for visitors in the visa waiver programme.
seti: You'd be surprised how quickly the US would sever diplomatic ties with any country that put up a law stating that laptops belonging to any visiting American businessman had to be unlocked and left behind for unspecified time.
seti: (See also: Hague Invasion Act)


Mutiny: Perfect accompanyment to the US Banking Deadpool



lemonodor: NPR interviews congressman who voted for the bailout. at 2:00, they tell him the vote failed.
lemonodor: and the dow is down 700 points.
lemonodor: "Oh my god." [long silence.]

"Get the hell out!"

anomie: (of equities)
anomie: see also
lemonodor: http://s126.photobucket.com/albums/p120/jimmytat2/image003-1.jpg

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