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in soviet russland particles accelerate you!

Tomorrow should be fun.

SpaceBalls - The Animated Series

The TimeCube of Romance (via MetaFilter)

Mutiny: Memorable MeFi comments include...
Mutiny: this is like reading a "women seeking men" ad on craigslist in reverse.
Mutiny: Don't tell me Hans Reiser's been released from prison already?
Mutiny: "eing a software engineer, I am often working on software development and my mind may be totally focused on the project at hand, so be patient, I'll eventually look at this screen and see your message." That really says it all.
Mutiny: "Most of Christendom is filled with rebellious witch whores."
Mutiny: Hey look, rik! A link that didn't circulate around the internet over 3 years ago!

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