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What do you think about this sweet goatee?

Most. Accidentally. Inappropriate. Campaign. Photo. Ever.

seti: Obama bin Biden t-shirt via the comments


rik: Foo Fighters playing Stairway on Kilborne.
rik: Looks like they haven't rehearsed it much. Or at all. Good solo though.
lemonodor: http://lab.heavymeta.org/audio/Foo%20Fighters%20-%20Stairway%20To%20Heaven%20(Live%20On%20Kilborn).mp3 is 128 kbps mp3 version.
Mutiny: They killed Kurt Cobain
lemonodor: http://lab.heavymeta.org/audio/Foo%20Fighters%20-%20Carry%20On%20My%20Wayward%20Son%20(live).mp3 another live cover that they fuck up.

Presidential elections as American Idol

Mutiny: The main difference is that more Americans vote for American Idol than for the President

Leaked voicemail from McCain to Palin

rovar: I'm not entirely convinced this is real.
Mutiny: "Nice tits."

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