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Game over

Mutiny: Guess it's not just file-system developers who kill their wives.
Mutiny: Can't feel much remorse for a Lawyer AND somebody who works on the Xbox.

McCain Campaign imitates The Onion, The Daily Show, Third-Graders

seti: Funny how McCain can only talk about Obama - doesn't he have any policy positions on his own? Or is he afraid that voters really won't like what they see once they find out about them?

Lern Yerself Unucks Sysadminning the Berkeley Way

The domain infoanarchy.org has expired.

MrMeaner: go here instead http://chump.facestab.org/

how to successfully create a Payola while everyone has still a sense of liberty

MrMeaner: the site was recently 'restructured' based on feedback from subscribing users ... surprise surprise it now sucks for non-subscribers. good luck with that boiling frog, guys.
MrMeaner: how to give the frog a quick death: fave lots of bad, randomly chosen songs until 'similar artists' gets even less useful than it is now
MrMeaner: +10 very insightful: "To ease the introduction of the most restricting changes it's recommended to create a smoke screen, you remove temporarily some very necessary features and pack it all in an obviously unfinished design. This will bury any complains by independent artists, subscribers and regular users on your changed business model"
MrMeaner: voila, your frog is served
MrMeaner: someone replies "They know how valuable their data is." ... yep, and who built that data? the people who just got kicks to the nuts by the site. they have my data, and i don't.
MrMeaner: "And by the way, the user listening habits are still licensed under a Creative Commons license (see terms of use), just Last.fm is keeping them unavailable."
MrMeaner: someone replies: "gUYS the last.fm stuff is biased to makeing money" yup, that's just what the original poster said .. it's called 'PAYOLA'
MrMeaner: what pisses me off about the changes is that people built big playlists that are now not available, the site owners have the data, but the people who generated the data do not. we spell that EVIL in the Creative Commons world, dudes.
MrMeaner: 'course maybe people already loaded your database with crap, how valuable is that data now, guys?

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