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Police: Landlord crashes Hummer into tenants' home

jillzilla: "Pay up NOW!"
cryptomail: haha wonder who's gunna fix the front door?!
cryptomail: nobody now! :D
cryptomail: though the judge may order it, heheheheh
Ash: guess what
Ash: cryptomail sux lol
Ash: lol im dyin here
cryptomail: wonder what's wrong with just simply sawing off the door handle in the middle of the night
cryptomail: and not causing a rukkus
Ash: hans reiser is the tenant
Ash: double extra hilarious
cryptomail: EPIC LoL
cryptomail: Let's let the NYT know about it


Comcast: We Will NAT You

Mutiny: The average customer isn't going to know what NAT is, much less cares, so what?
seti: are you an average customer? don't you care about yourself? (should you ever find yourself in, cough, Comcastic territory)
Mutiny: PROTIP: I have Comcast in Massachusetts and like them.
seti: don't move, then, as you may lose out on the end-to-end principle when you've settled in your new place
Mutiny: I've never had a problem running my own NAT, and I'm sure that some people would appreciate the added security benefits and privacy from having an ISP run NAT.
coderman: the real question is, will they support UPnP? :P

Seven pages on /b/ and the dark side of trolling in the NYT Magazine

coderman: THE TROLLS WIN!
cryptomail: Best.NYT.Article.EVAR
cryptomail: :D

Travelers' Laptops May Be Detained At Border

A New Orleans Tale of Tragedy



cryptomail: :D
Mutiny: At first we was all like :D and then she was all like >:{

Delicious, the all new ugly.

Mutiny: This site has officially jumped the shark. Enjoy being owned by Digg.

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