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<Mutiny> it's a shame you can't see how hard i'm doing the jerking off motion right now

<Mutiny> it's a shame you can't see how hard i'm doing the jerking off motion right now

seti: rovar meant to link to this
rovar: That shit should display inline!


Google's data interchange format, Protocol Buffers

Upgrade your resolvers

seti: BIND, Microsoft; Unbound, PowerDNS Recursor and DJBDNS are not (as) vulnerable
seti: Debian
seti: Cisco.
seti: CERT. Go load up your DNSSEC, bitches... oh wait, the root isn't signed, there is no incremental zone signing, and there are no interoperable implementations yet.
seti: and, for the lulz, slashdot

Best Dupe Ever

cryptomail: I like how he strikes back, and shoves his progressive agenda down people's throats, not much unlike how the religious right does to people
cryptomail: (I think it's funny as well as political obviously lol )


Mutiny: A concept that has no basis in reality but fun to dream

Fun for the whole family


rabbi: Reiser recovers missing tocks!
Mutiny: I knew he did it.


lemonodor: Reiser lead police to his wife's body.
dopp: "OJFS isn't just a sick joke anymore."
rovar_: We finally have the benchmarks for thrashing and fragmentation.
dopp: better article: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2008/07/07/BAN011LDR8.DTL
Mutiny: I always knew that guy was evil, just from his filesystem.

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