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<@Mutiny> sounds like the one rovar is giving me || <@rik> ew.



You can say that on TV?

America, you are soooooooo fucked it's not even funny anymore.

seti: So not funny that in recent years comedy shows like the Daily Show and Colbert Report have increasingly had to make fun of European and other worldly news.

Cool remix

Cyclist Hits Bear. Ouch

kandinski: "This bear looked at me with a look of terror on his face and sort of made a noise," said Egan. "I looked at him with a look of terror and we went, 'aaaahhhhh.'"

Why I don't Believe in Islamic Feminism- Niqabi Lib

Impact of Gun Ruling Limited, Experts Say

seti: driftglass's thoughts on the gun ruling

Damages Cut Against Exxon in Valdez Case

seti: "Justice" in America.

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