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Try to recover data from *this* disk

Wherre Babies Come From in Germany

The A5 Cracking Project

coderman: damnit, why are gnu radios so expensive?? :( :( :(

Why doesn't Sun release the crypto module of the OpenSPARC? Crypto export restrictions!

coderman: "hey, didn't we win the crypto wars??"

Barack Obama on religion's place in modern society

100% unadulterated AES-hash++

NIST considering submissions of block cipher modes; XTS for storage encryption, Synthetic IV and Feistel Finite Set Encryption Mode?

coderman: so.. which is the most parallelizable?
coderman: mmmm, GCM on PS3 cell arrays give Bruce Schneier wood
coderman: link

CALEA for Skype nets owners $4,000,000,000 USD

coderman: SCORE++
coderman: "Other than [THAT 4 BILLION DOLLAR BACK DOOR*], peer-to-peer AES-256 with randomly generated RSA keys is good enough for me."
rovar: I want my money back
coderman: don't quote me on this, but a friend of a guy in some irc channel told me that Don't add uninitialised data. \n MD_Update(&m,buf,j); /" cost them a cool 750million...
coderman: cough

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