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lemonodor: "ARROW GSM is a completely passive, real-time cellular exploitation system. Depending on the system's configuration, ARROW will collect 4 or 8 calls of interest simultaneously, as well as network messaging and SMS. The system decrypts the A5.2 encryption protocol and operates in both the 900/1800Mhz and 850/1900Mhz frequency ranges."

F1 Boss Max Mosley Caught With Five Hookers In Nazi Orgy Video Scandal

est: "The orgy allegedly took place on Friday at a $4 million apartment-cum-dungeon near his home in London's upscale Chelsea neighborhood. A video of the full session was leaked to The News of the World."

West Wing Writer Imagines the Denver Democratic Convention


jillzilla: Check out the porno music! Woo!
jillzilla: SFW, but your coworkers will think you are a freak
jillzilla: Which, face it, you are.
jillzilla: except est

impressive powered exoskeleton (video)

New York Times STYLE section on The New Survivalism



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