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Clinton 2.0 (video)

11-Year-Old Girl - budding facestabber

seti: observe the authoritarian mindset of the average citizen. "She had it coming." "She deserved it." so very sad

Uzbekistan legalizes money laundering until 2013

Fitna the Movie on liveleak.com

seti: Al-Jazeera on the movie

Political Compass - US Primaries 2008 chart

seti: also

digby: Make Them Do It

Marilyn Manson's _This is the New Shit_ in American Sign Language

[ZomG]: OC Deputy responds with tasering

The Dow in currencies other than the dollar

kandinski: I would like to see the nasdaq in euros

BigDog walking robot.

rik: with some intelligence. in fact, more than som coworkers I used to work with...

John McCain is a fugitive from justice.

The mainstream media begins to take note of the severity of McCain's "gaffe" that Iran would be training Iraqi Al-Qaeda fighters

seti: Disturbing opening paragraphs.
seti: hilzoy weighs in on the subject too

Why Ron Paul Still Scares The GOP


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