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Reason Magazine - E Pluribus Umbrage

Marc Andreessen: An hour and a half with Barack Obama

Crushing Watermelon With Her Legs

kandinski: I thought this chump needed some class
est: prime tock

Entertaining very bad review of _10,000 BC_

jillzilla: "So what if the construction of the pyramids didn't really overlap with the existence of the woolly mammoth? Can you honestly say you don't want to see a herd of crazed mammoths stampeding down the ramps of a pyramid in progress?"
jillzilla: "I don't begrudge this plot its stupidity or lack of verisimilitude; some of my best friends are stupid and far-fetched."

Apparently now "best sex lasts for 7 to 13 minutes"

kandinski: According to the average sex therapist, whoever that is

Eko Snake Oil - 1 Oz


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