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Macbook Air Bling With Gold And Swarovski Crystal


If Version Control Systems were Airlines

xkcd: Pausing the in-store music

seti: try to identify the music for extra points.

BEHOLD: Dungeons and Dragons

Small bomb his NY Times Square

rik: An explosive device has caused minor damage to a military recruitment centre on New York City's Times Square
rik: "The blast occurred before daybreak, when the centre was empty. No-one was hurt. A glass window was smashed."
rik: "Police blocked off the area."
rik: "Asked if it could be a terror attack, a US Homeland Security Department told Reuters: "we're investigating."
rik: "Cars and police tape blocked surrounding streets."
rik: Summary so far: someone pissed at Ameroican military set off a device near a military recruitment centre and broke a window. Now Times Square is shut while they investiage. Way to over-react.



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