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<@kandinski> i put on my robe and wizard hat

Woman with Mandolin, by Tiepolo

jillzilla: Why didn't I ever think of playing with one boob hanging out?
jillzilla: I bet that will improve my sound!
seti: your boob would be more in the way than hers, if you catch my drift
kandinski: load-bearing mandolins were designed for that purpose

a mandolin of the type I would like to buy

jillzilla: also a-hole

An a-hole mandolin (note that the hole is like a guitar's)

Cosmo: Apple stores the place to meet men

MSI employs Stirling Engine Theory



TiddlyWiki is a reusable, non-linear personal notebook.

Ernie and Bert go BRUTAL GRINDCORE

Why is the water bill so huge? BAD KITTY

Bad Pussy - if you have a cat


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