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lulz: epic

Hillary Clinton is your new HD-DVD player


Ash: lol

Christopher Hitchens on Kosovarian independence

one hand jason

est: "I'm one of those body-integrity-disorder (BIID) dudes. As long as I can remember, having two hands was a defect in my body -- something that was not meant to be. For me philosophically, it's totally different from body mods, which I also have. I don't think I had any choice. My right hand just didn't belong to my body. As a little kid, I soon learned that I was the odd one out, and that amputation was a bad thing."

More spacecraft velocity anomalies

pretender: A resolution of 0.1 mm/sec on spacecraft velocities is just amazing
seti: Flyby anomaly


Mozart's "Turkish March" on one guitar.



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