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Getting Things Done: Today, 6pm - Cocaine. || college kills


lemonodor: the post-mccarthy video

Hillary4U&Me (video)

est: hillariously bad

ORGASM ARMY - Sex toy reviews by real people!

John McCarthy on Elephant 2000, Lisp, Ruby and the Computer Industry

rovar: Joseph McCarthy on Lisp: LISP IS A COMMUNIST.

lawrence o'donnell - "Hillary, Forget About Winning!"

est: "Now that the deck chairs on the good ship Hillary have been rearranged, leaving Senator Clinton with a presidential campaign manager who has never managed a campaign, Hillary should forget about winning."
est: "Hillary should rest her voice, kick back and watch a couple hours of cable news shout shows, where at any given moment some pundit will happily explain why her campaign is doomed. She should believe every negative word."


lemonodor: "There is basically a large sector of white workers with arts majors, that would otherwise be unemployed were it not for the high rate of divorce."

Using MySQL as a filesystem


jillzilla: Wittily savage review of Madonna's film

The Drake Equation

How "flat earth" news is killing journalism

Real World Reace: A Google Maps Racing Game

Oliver: Look ma, i can race all over the pesky little houses and treees!

Soko - I'll Kill Her

Biggest secrets and lies of the world of computers.

lemonodor: ClearType. totally fake.
Ash: the internet is made of tubes
lemonodor: sharp tubes, aimed at you
lemonodor: the octopus is the smartest animal on earth
lemonodor: hard drives will stop getting bigger in 2010.
Ash: wikipedia is written by renegade robots


lemonodor: "Sarah Silverman is also considered an “alternative comic” which essentially means she is universally loved by white people, but not enough so that she can be a movie star."


US School shooting

rik: "It is also the fourth shooting at a US education establishment within a week"

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