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The official bird of #facestab is the DREADHAWK || The official haircut of #facestab is the DREADHAWK

Murder plot against Danish cartoonist

seti: HEALTH WARNING: article may contain traces of cartoons.

Catch of the Day: Cocaine

Paris Syndrome confuses Japanese tourists

cryptomail: MEGALOL
cryptomail: ok, that's not sensitive, sorry :(
cryptomail: But the thought of crushed dreams sometimes makes me chuckle
seti: crushed, facestabbed, what is difference
cryptomail: good, if not excellent, point :D

Evidence that the 2004 election was stolen

Glenn Greenwald chronicles the vile happenings in the Senate today regarding FISA and telecom amnesty

seti: Shorter GG: Enablers suck.

The legality of water-boarding is a moving target

Why ex-husband is holding his breath

Oliver: Look, i slipped, k?
seti: wtf, a "Post to Fark" button? death of the net predicted, news at 11.

"Please accept this token of my social compliance" - the phrase "Happy valentines day darling" is no longer acceptable

Gas guzzlers (London) conjestion charge to rise to 25 on the 27th of October 2008

Oliver: Wonderful, what a prize for the public after winning an award for cutting traffic!
Oliver: Also.. an old Ford Mundano 2l will fall foul of the 25 charge, however a BMW X5 will not.. work that out...


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