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Fucked by satan in jam

jillzilla: Strawberry jam?
cryptomail: Ninjam siwwy wabbit
jillzilla: Wouldn't that get sticky?
cryptomail: For a good time http://www.ninjam.com


Babylon 5: I've Found Her - Space sim

Oliver: After Sierra ditched their sim (which was based on the Unreal engine), this looks like the next best thing!

Teaching Chinglish at an elementary level

jillzilla: aka the perils of dictionary translations
jillzilla: I couldn't make this up

sexual addiction screening test

seti: rightly and righteously ranted against by Susie Bright
Ash: where do we find a list of people who pass this test
seti: depending on your definition of "passing" (scoring low?), I doubt many real humans do
Ash: i thought passing would mean 'is addicted to sex'
Ash: lame
seti: WIN
seti: winning at this quiz == winning at sex == getting thrown into the mental help system by the government == failing at freedom

Economist analyses the French government's report into SocGen's massive loss

seti: Interesting tidbit in final paragraph: "By the end of [2007], Mr Kerviel's unauthorised positions were EUR1.4 billion in profit; it was only in 2008 that his trades turned negative. ``“As long as we earn and it doesn’t show too much,'' he said, ``nobody says anything.''"

Rabbi's amusement package pussy good kkk bad :D

cryptomail: mmmm dissonant dichotomy
cryptomail: with scratching

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