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s00per t00zeday | http://www.ntu.org/main/page.php?PageID=141 || <@drewloid2> (done) fuckin a man!

Second Life, a terrorist safe haven

Headline of the Year (est-related)

Economist: Suveillance states

seti: Bogus statistics - just because there is no law on the books (in Italy and Greece) that allows surveillance of telephone calls does not mean that it doesn't happen - on the contrary, say industry insiders

Where is the USS Jimmy Carter?

seti: im in ur suez channel cutting ur fiberz
seti: You cannot cross Suez submerged. Goodbye, conspiracy theory

Good face stabbing soundtrack


Nissan GT-R (2008 or 2009 model) does the Nurburgring.

rik: 7 minutes 38. for refrence, that's farking quick.
rik: Note, that's faster than a Porsche 997 GT3.
rik: Also note, 4 seconds slower than a Koenigsegg CCR.
rik: Price difference - Koenigsegg CCR - 900,000 GBP. Nissan GT-R - 60,000 GBP.

2008 Dodge Challenger

rik: Going back to the roots, and looking gooood.

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