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s00per t00zeday | http://www.ntu.org/main/page.php?PageID=141 || <@drewloid2> fuckin a man!

Parkour soccer.

rik: holy. crap.

Kitteh likes to chat. Kitteh doesn't like 2g1c.

obama votes

est: "It was close, but in the end I went for Obama"

Obama's grandma waiting for super tuesday results


FSJ: Ballmer: "I'm completely out of ideas"

Wired: Abracadabra! Bush Makes Privacy Board Vanish

seti: Totally predictable.

SNL Robert Deniro

Make your own tandoor

Man 'had sex with victim's body' - Sally Anne Bowman

Oliver: Prosecutor Brian Altman said: "The defendant confesses that he had sex with Sally Anne and that he had sex with her after her death.
Oliver: Good defense there, gg

EBay to ban negative feedback from sellers

Edible Origami - Crane Croutons



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