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rabbi got the powerup and won the game!


rabbi: Buzz-punch!


lemonodor: Technology in Wartime conference, organized by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)
lemonodor: "Ultimately we want to engage a pressing question of our time: What should socially-responsible computer professionals do in a time of high tech warfare?"
lemonodor: "Ronald Arkin -- Governing Lethal Behavior: Embedding Ethics in a Hybrid Deliberative/Reactive Robot Architecture"

Kragen Sitaker praises del.icio.us over Reddit and Digg

zooko: How about: Kragen condemns del.icio.us less than he condemns Reddit and Digg.

Daily Heresy #237

Playlist for Jonathan Coulton's concert in LA

pockets you want? pockets you shall have!

est: The SeV Ultimate Cargo Pants offer 14 pockets, patented Personal Area Network, a key holder, magnetic closures, adjustable waist, change pockets, battery holders and much, much more! We’ve even added clever innovations like the “airplane pocket”. Located mid-shin, it allows you to stow and access necessary items while buckled in and trapped by your tray-table.
mlp: like a shank!
est: "Not sure which size? Order 2 and Return 1"

Societe Generale Says Rogue Trader at Bank Caused Record $7.2 Billion Loss

est: He ``breached five levels of controls,'' Christian Noyer, the governor of the Bank of France, said at a press conference today. He described the trader as ``a computer genius'' and said he was told he was ``on the run.''
est: hackalicious
est: Societe Generale, founded in 1864, has 120,000 employees in 77 countries and 22 million retail-banking clients, according to information on its Web site.
est: article discusses other rogue trader incidents as well

Also called "Operation Co$play"

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