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Please keep all crack cocaine away from the RobotSantaAsh || NERDCUBE... AWAY!

TED | Talks | Isabelle Allende: Tales of passion


rovar: The missing item: ... When you absolutely, positively have to get elected overnight...

BoingBoing: TSA searches, detains 5 year old because his name was on no-fly list

seti: This is what Alberto Gonzales gets off on.
seti: John Ashcroft's eagle just soared as never before.

I Got What America Needs Right Here

U.S. House panel launches probe of FCC practices


Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters

What if Mike Huckabee were a fundamentalis Hindu?

seti: via

How To Be Gay

Starliner paintjob

rik: Ever wanted to see a car's paintwork look like lace? Aparently, this guy did. And is doing it rather too well during his restoration project.

Antarctica's first chase has has now happened.

rik: "Antarctica's first car chase - on Ross Island, where the longest thoroughfare is the 3km shingle road between McMurdo Station and Scott Base - after a USAP worker suspected of drink-driving in a misappropriated four-wheel-drive van was chased down by the McMurdo fire engine."

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