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LITTLE KID MESSAGE BOARD! || Dr. Seuss: jumped the shark?

People I no longer talk to

cryptomail: fun list...kinda like the confessions thing

Violent movies may prevent violent crime, say authors of paper

jilldaw: Instead of fueling up at bars and then roaming around looking for trouble, potential criminals pass the prime hours for mayhem eating popcorn and watching celluloid villains slay in their stead."

When is teh Britney going to die

cryptomail: Poor taste, yet...funny


If only we had a severed head to stab...

Bill Gates' Last Day

huslage: Video of Billg's last day.


Manhattan Real Estate Prices in Gold

Explosive New Tom Cruise Biography Slams Scientology

est: "some scientologists believe his daughter Suri is the product of a sperm donation from Scientology's late founder L. Ron Hubbard"
seti: some believe it is not appropriate to repeat the most wild-assed rumours in print

The secret of two hidden messages in Google's 2008 Logo

est: they also spell it "secrete" in the post..how exudationesque

Demetri Martin - Sames and Opposites

rik: Audio only, video doesn't change.

Someone is losing a lot of money here

jilldaw: Skip the lyrics crap at the beginning and go to the housing crap
jilldaw: ...and note especially the asking price and the purchase price on this house
jilldaw: This is a short sale (so the bank foreclosed and is now trying to get rid of it). And the bank is taking a DIVE.
jilldaw: Most dramatic single popping sound I've heard yet from the housing bubble

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