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Learn how to spell 'weird', you retards || You have just lost The Game


Off email today...something crashed on my computer

Pootypoot is Man of the Year

uid0: That's Vladmir Putin, for those of you reading this who are not GW Bush.

Santa needs a gunship...

Local Anomaly (mp3)

est: "This piece was created from a standard MIDI drum track, which was randomized and orchestrated using various percussive stringed sounds such as sampled guitars and basses. The extremely dissonant but highly rhythmic soundscape was input into Adaptun, and the notes adapted towards consonance."
rovar: "And when adapted towards dissonance, we discovered that the generated sample was remarkably similar to "More than a feeling" by the contemporary rock band, Boston"

Video Rewrite Demonstration

est: synthesis of video of people saying things they never said


lemonodor: "You look like you ride a Honda Goldwing and collect swords."

Real democracy is like really great fucking: it's messy and sweaty and passionate and angry, and you give and take and sometimes you're on top and sometimes you're not, and sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you don't, but that's okay because you know there's gonna be a next time.

seti: -- The Rude Pundit

nice quarter-tone guitar music


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