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i thougth i was cool with some of you

Google Patents - Method of swinging on a swing

How America Lost the War on Drugs


Eurasia and the History of War

anomy: Executive summary: France keeps losing.
seti: German ceased to be the language of science after WW II. I wonder what will replace English after the United States' future Iranian adventure


anomy: 'Shiiiit, that's a really well preserved dinosaur.'

I don't know what I'm allowed to do in this toilet

jilldaw: the dissatisfied foot goes into the toilet to have a bowel movement outside of other request
jilldaw: The one who go into toilet can not clamor loudly in this toilet. The in order to prevent make other go into toilet is frighten

US says it ahs right to kidnap British citizens

seti: it should by now be obvious to all that the US government has jumped the shark

Terror police "shot" [tazed] man in diabetic coma, twice!

Oliver: "A man who had gone into a diabetic coma on a bus in Leeds was shot twice with a Taser gun by police who feared he may have been a security threat."
Oliver: "Mr Gaubert, who lives in Leeds, said he had now decided to speak out after the Crown Prosecution Service ruled no officers involved should be charged with any criminal offences."
seti: Victory declared in War on Terror; next up: War on Diabetics

senator craig denies more allegations

Victoria Beckham doesn't think Jon Stewart is funny

jilldaw: Victoria Beckham doesn't think Jon Stewart is funny

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