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sensible thinking..flattening a small city of irrational fears

Fat training dolls

Wide stance


Mutiny-: Shitty website named after this channel offline. Film at 11.

Why Mommy is a Democrat



First U.S. baby boomer applies for Social Security

est: first drop of the "silver tsunami"
Ash: die, baby boomers
Ash: < est> the worst generation
anomie: I'm not paying for your viagra! Let social security collapse! You're not leaving me any!
seti: the URL contains "/latestCrisis/" . . .

Dollar crunch puts gold centre stage - Telegraph

est: "We are witnessing a run on the world's paramount reserve currency, an event that occurs twice a century or so, and never with a benign outcome."
est: Citigroup says central banks have attempted to cap gold price and predicts >$1000/ounce gold


lemonodor: "Mr. Debt"

Gem Willis is being paid by credit companies to say bullshit

cryptomail[ii]: Shit journalism
cryptomail[ii]: I want a car NOW
cryptomail[ii]: RIGHT NOW
cryptomail[ii]: RIGHT NOW
cryptomail[ii]: oh and a 600K house fucking RIGHT NOW
cryptomail[ii]: I can't wait 3 days



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