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Pay your employees in gold coins instead. It's cheaper.


rik: Aparently, the RIAA are "reluctant litigators". That explains why they've just filed 26,000 cases. I wish I was that reluctant.
seti: compared to regular ejaculation (200 million seeds) it's a mere dribble.

shirt lights up near wireless access

anomie: Can you get arrested just for wearing it around dc?
Olifffer: Can you get arrested for wearing it in airports too?
est: ..or anywhere in Boston?

Trash Art


est: "THE progress of the German offensive, and the whole situation on the western front, does not call for serious worry or discourage ment, says Major Ian Hay Beith. France and England are not outnumbered; [...]"

Take Pills

Taking Teh Intarweb Too Seriously

Terrorist attack damages Pakistan Buddha

Defendant in RIAA File Sharing Case Found Guilty

seti: "The jury ordered Thomas to pay $9,250 for each of the 24 songs she was found to have shared, though they could have awarded as much as $3.6 million or as little as $18,000."

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