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Happy Talk Like An Asshat Day!

:-) and :-( are 25 today. Happy birthday, Emoticons!




rik: married man finds womaon online. falls in love with her. married woman finds man online, falls in love with him. they plan a clandestine meeting, and show up, only to discover htey're already married to each other.
pretender: "Now the pair are divorcing after accusing each other of being unfaithful."

rik's front wheels, and he likes the front fender too

seti: RS4 style

How to untangle headphones using a cat

Cmd-Tab of Death

seti: I have this too, and filed a bug, and Apple said "We're all working on Leopard so STFU kthxby". bitches



lemonodor: "Mountain Dew Limited Edition Halo 3 Game Fuel" gets 2 stars.
lemonodor: "somewhere along the line, for some reason I cannot even begin to wrap my head around, someone decided that a good marketing campaign would center around a soda that tastes like a mouthful of Starburst-flavored condoms."
lemonodor: "Fuck you they make this in a lab. You think natural water tastes good? Pulled out of some dirty spring, choked with fish poo and chemical runoff? These Glaceau punks built a little chamber where they manufacture beautiful white clouds, unsullied by real-world pollutants, and then they make these clouds rain ever so gently right into SmartWater bottles for you to enjoy."


Peru meteorite strike leaves 200 sick

"robotic chair" assembles itself from pieces

cyborg snails making out (40M)

est: i fear they want our women

The Chupacabra might live in Texas

Ash: in a related note, est may be the chupacabra

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