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Serve no god, molecule, woman or government.

"I told you so."

(ElReg) Tor at heart of embassy passwords leak


seti: The European Union floated a trial balloon today about censoring websites like this.


est: RESEARCH: breasts move in a 3D figure of eight
Mutiny-: We need less women wearing sports bras when running.
Mutiny-: the company that sponsored this research have some very compelling flash animations to show you

Bill Maher New Rules 9/7/2007

Startin early!

cryptomail[ii]: 14 wif bee bee gun
cryptomail[ii]: Good job kids, you're well on your way

Suck it yuppies!

cryptomail[ii]: All ur apples belong to me now
cryptomail[ii]: This is why I just code from home or the liberry


seti: Warren Ellis on crimefighting.

martian microphone

lemonodor: costs $2k/g

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