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Another VoD over IPv6

Vanity Fair, Politics & Power: Going After Gore

Come fly the slut-shaming skies

Richard M. Nixon plays his Piano Concerto no. 1

President Ronald Reagan wants space aliens to attack Earth.

anomie: Now we just have terrists. :(
anomie: Terrists don't have the cool bio-gun. :(

Physicists establish 'spooky' quantum communication

Bill Maher, A Thoughtful Summer Break

est: via John Varley

Dust off yer resumes


Body discovered in duct after school staff detects odor

coderman: the moral of this story is: "when you're drunk, and cold, and find a warm vent to crawl into, be sure it's not pumping out carbon monoxide exhaust!"
pretender: "We watch 'Law & Order' so he sees it all the time"

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