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Federal Judge tells FBI to stop issuing National Security Letters.

anomie: get a warrant and ask, like Real Men.
coderman: AWW YEAH, i got a boner when i read that news.

Dan Savage on CNN to discuss Sen. Larry Craig's bathroom habit

cryptomail: There are websites that facilitate a double life

No wonder you never got your Fry's rebates.


Charges shatter Asimov son's reclusion

Mutiny-: This article sure has a lot of spare <'s hanging around.
est: alarmist follow-up
lemonodor: "It's just a huge quantity. Believe me, there aren't enough people or enough man-hours to look at it all,"


pretender: NSFW

Sense of growing crisis over interbank deals

coderman: "While the tone of equity markets has calmed, the sense of crisis in the interbank markets actually appears to be growing - especially in London."
coderman: "In particular, the cost of borrowing funds in the three-month money markets – as illustrated by measures such as sterling Libor or Euribor – is continuing to rise, suggesting a frantic scramble for liquidity among financial groups."
coderman: "This trend is deeply unnerving for policymakers and investors alike, not least because it is occurring even though the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve have taken repeated steps in recent weeks to calm down the money markets."
seti: ... so is this a good week to apply for a mortgage?
est: "That has created some extraordinary dislocations such as the fact that the cost of borrowing three-month money in the sterling Libor markets is now higher than borrowing six-month or 12-month money."

Is America really pro-bailout?

est: for cryptomail

Peerbot: Catch me if you can - overview of the storm trojan

coderman: curious yellow is coming!

Feds OK fee for priority Web traffic

coderman: what the fuck is the DoJ doing telling the FCC how to do their job?? jeezus.
coderman: <spying_telcos> hey, we scratched your back!
pretender: Just buy my USB 2.0 ansible to get on the intarnets

Quantum Darwinism in quantum Brownian motion: the vacuum as a witness

est: computer modelling of quantum "measurement" via decoherence (or its inverse)

Union of Concerned Scientists: Nuclear Bunker Buster (RNEP) Animation

seti: KABOOM

Judge strikes down part of PATRIOT Act

seti: No more National Security Letters!
seti: Judge said that the recently rewritten Patriot Act "offends the fundamental constitutional principles of checks and balances and separation of powers."

Ron Paul @ Republican Fox Debate 9-5-07

Baby born with a full head of Elvis-style ginger hair

Olifffer: It does look like evil incarnate too!

Bohr and Einstein maxin and relaxin


Dangerous Knowledge (documentary)

est: four great suicides: Cantor, Boltzmann, Goedel, Turing
est: with commentary by Gregory Chaitin
seti: Socrates was a classic too
est: interesting take on Socrates

Few Expect a Panacea in a Rate Cut by the Fed

est: "Over the next six weeks, more than $1 trillion worth of commercial debt is set to come due and will need to be refinanced, more than five times as much as came due since the disruption began one month ago."
seti: things are F'd

George Orwell's security file released

goat sacrifices make 757 go

est: "The decision to sacrifice was made after Kansakar consulted with the top management this morning."


blackhat conference audio

coderman: start seeding you fiber monkeys...

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